• Al-Shatiwi Exhibitions and Offices Building Project, Northern Ring Road, Riyadh.

OAMAS prepared a design that takes into account the difference between activity and administrative. Commercial activity needs openness and prominence to display its contents and ease access to it. Therefore, the main facade is on the public road, and its visible walls are made of non-reflective glass, fully revealing the interior space of the showrooms.

As for the offices, which have an administrative nature characterized by quiet, they took the back part, with signs for the entrances protruding from the public road to facilitate access to them. The exterior is a modern and unique design, using Riyadh stone. He took the clock tower to draw the visitor's attention to it and lead him to the entrance to the group of offices on the first floor and one of the offices on the ground floor. The interior of the offices enjoys flexible design and natural lighting, as there are two offices on the ground floor and four offices on the first floor. Offices can be opened onto each other to form one ring, each office overlooking the outside, linked by an internal corridor and halls containing support and secretarial services for department heads and managers..

عميلابراهيم سعيد
انشأ من قبلموضوع اکسترا
مكتمل٢٧ أبريل ٢٠٢٠
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