• The Office of Engineer Abdulaziz bin Mohammed Al Shaya (OAMAS) was established in 1986 as an architectural design office. It was licensed by the Ministry of Commerce and the Saudi Council of Engineers No. 1052 as a consulting office. The office is licensed by the Riyadh Municipality under license No. 300, and has been licensed by the Ministry of Municipal and Village Affairs as an urban and regional planning office..

The OAMAS office provides specialized engineering consultations, project management, urban planning, architectural design, interior design, energy conservation and construction.

The office's policy is based on undertaking tasks to solve complex problems facing clients at any stage of the project and at all levels from urban planning through project implementation, interior design, marketing and operation.

The project at OAMAS begins with building trust with the client-employer to form a highly efficient work team that delves into the heart of the problem to become a partner in facing challenges and difficulties. This policy distinguishes work done on creativity gained from problems that are unique in nature. Participation supports the expansion of the network of professional and work relationships.

OAMAS is a think tank that draws creativity from the problems of clients' projects.

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