The project is a private residential villa built on a land area exceeding 1000 square meters. The building area is approximately 1200 square meters and includes the elements of a residential villa for a Saudi family with multiple halls and a wide variety of services.

The project is characterized by the pyramidal shape of the building and the presence of a garden open to the outside in the basement floor. The availability of natural lighting in the basement made it possible to moderate the temperature in winter and summer, making it the preferred place to spend most of the time. Since the design includes many bold and innovative architectural elements, it is distinguished by the diversity in the use of natural building materials and the utmost precision in architectural details.

OAMAS designed and implemented the project including furnishings design and implementation

عميلابراهيم سعيد
انشأ من قبلموضوع اکسترا
مكتمل٢٧ أبريل ٢٠٢٠
موقع الكتروني

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